Code Red


Ask yourself. Have you ever heard sirens nearby your home and wondered whether you should be concerned for the safety of your family? How about during the hurricane season, would timely updates help you better manage your recovery? What if a neighborhood child is lost, do you receive the notification?

CodeRED is a state-of-the-art voice messaging system that the Coral Springs Police Department uses to alert residents to:

  • Local criminal activity
  • School lockdowns
  • Homeland security issues
  • Weather emergencies
  • Missing children or adults
  • Evacuation orders
  • Other situations that require immediate dissemination of crucial information.

The CodeRED system can deliver a recorded message to 60,000 residents in an hour, and can target specific geographic areas. The dialing system attempts each telephone number up to 3 times and will leave a message on your answering service. Most Coral Springs residential telephone numbers are already in our database, but you can verify your contact information and even add your mobile number by visiting  – Code Red