CSPD’s New-Look Vehicles

CSPD New Marked Vehicles

Residents may have spotted the new Coral Springs Police cars around town. The City upgraded its police fleet by adding 30 new police cars.  Officers say the new vehicles will offer better maneuverability and increased visibility in the community. The Ford Taurus Interceptors are equipped with four wheel drive and have been tested in vehicle pursuit conditions.  Nineteen Interceptors are already in use and 11 more are expected to hit the streets within the next month.  “We’re really excited about the new Interceptors.  We think they’ll help improve our safety and increase our visibility in our community,” Captain Brad Mock said.

Police previously had been driving a fleet of Ford Crown Victorias, which were first purchased in 1998.  Ford discontinued manufacturing the Crown Victoria and developed the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor to replace it.  “The Ford Interceptor is popular amongst law enforcement agencies around the country,” Captain Mock added. “Many agencies around South Florida are using this model vehicle.”  Typically, service departments within the City get new vehicles every 5 years. The police department, in an attempt to help save the city money, extended the life of its cars by a year.  Some of the cars will have sophisticated mapping software that will better track stolen vehicles, and give officers real time access to criminal databases.

The City decided on the Ford Interceptor after a rigorous search. Captain Mock helped coordinate the process, working with dealers to arrange testing dates and the eventual purchase of the vehicles.  The new cars are pursuit vehicles and are built to withstand the rigors of police work, which assists to improve the life of the vehicles. The all-wheel drive feature allows officers to operate the vehicles in adverse weather conditions more safely and efficiently.  The City’s mechanics will handle repairs on the vehicles, saving the City thousands of dollars.